Rules & Constitution

If fishing you MUST abide by these rules, otherwise you run the risk of losing your ticket. Please read carefully.

General Lake Rules:

1. The highest possible standard of behaviour will be expected from all. These are common sense rules so please abide by them. Anyone breaking the rules faces expulsion and fees will not be refunded. Please be considerate of other angler at all times.

2. Dawn to dusk fishing ONLY on a Season Ticket, Night Fishing permitted when requested.

3. Maximum of 3 rods unless otherwise stated on membership.

4. Gates to fisheries must be locked at all times, with exception of gate one which must be locked by the last person leaving the lake each day.

5. Under no circumstances are cars to be driven around/ parked around the lake all cars are to be left in the carpark.

6. Always ensure your nets are bone dry before commencing your session, this helps any bacteria to die off.

7. Strictly no litter – all litter and unused bait to be removed and taken home, this includes cigarette ends. Any member found leaving litter will be expelled and fees will not be refunded.

8. Bivvies only – NO Tents.

9. ​Water Bucket for Fish Care.

10. No camping, only anglers to be on a still water after dusk are members who have obtained prior permission.

11. No swimming.

12. We do allow a dog onto our fisheries, however they must be kept under proper control at all times, you must clean up after them and they must not be noisy.

13. No fires, BBQ and Fire pits must be under proper control and not damage the area.

14. No drugs – alcohol in moderation

15. Radio allowed but must not be audible in next swim

16. Rods must NOT be left unattended in the water.

17. Micro Barb Hooks preferred.

18. No permanently fixed leads or fixed bolt rigs. All leads must be able to break free should a fish become snagged.

19. No braided mainline for carp fishing, braided hook lengths allowed

20. Random rig checks will be made (please do not be offended)

21. 10lb minimum breaking strain line when carp fishing

22. No Keep Nets other than with prior permission ie club competitions.

23. No retaining of fish in sacks or slings.

24. If you suspect a fish is sick or injured report to a bailiff immediately or ring/text the club number. Our fish are precious and consideration by members is of upmost importance.

25. Bait boats permitted under sensible use.

26. No live baiting.

27. No cat food, dog food or nuts of any description.

28. Particles to be pre-cooked or soaked 48 hours in advance.

29. Persons fishing Stans Lake do so at their own risk. The Club cannot be held responsible for any accident/injury to anglers or their possessions however caused, whilst on the premises.

30. If disabled anglers need to use platforms near the car park then please be considerate and allow them to fish.

31. Club membership cards must be carried by all members when on the premises and produced on request.

We would like to thank everyone for your co-operation, any issues please let us know.

The Club reserves the right to close any fishery at a moment’s notice during fish spawning activity.

The Club reserves the right to amend the rules at any time.

Pike Fishing Rules:

1 Pike fishing allowed from 1st October to 31st March.

2 main line minimum 15lb monofilament  or 50lb braid.

3 a wire trace minimum 28lb to be used. Fluorocarbon traces or leaders  are not allowed even if lure fishing. Treble hooks should be semi barbed.

4 suitable unhooking tools must be carried ie forceps and or long nosed pliers. Long wire cutters able to cut hooks should be carried.

5 bite indication should be able to show a drop back when ledgering.

6 unhooking Matt to be used. When lure fishing one must be carried.

7 a landing net of a suitable size must be used.

8 pike are not to be retained in sacks for long periods

Pike are not as tough as there reputation would suggest they should be treated with utmost care and respect. Do not take photos stood up with them. Do not fish for pike if you are not competent with unhooking. Always ask for help if you are struggling with a hooked fish.